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United Nations Remains Committed to Ukraine's Sovereignty Amid Accusations of Violations and Sabotage

By: ATN News

United Nations: Two years since the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine, the United Nations reiterated its unwavering commitment to Ukraine's sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity. This stance was affirmed by Miroslav Jenča, the Assistant Secretary-General for Europe, Central Asia, and the Americas during a session of the Security Council today, amidst a backdrop of escalating tensions between Moscow and Kyiv over alleged violations of the 2014 and 2015 Minsk agreements aimed at quelling the conflict in Donbas.


Miroslav Jenča, delivered a comprehensive briefing to the 15-nation body, emphasizing the significance of the approaching anniversary of the invasion. He highlighted that the conflict in Ukraine's east dates back to 2014, preceding the invasion of 2022, underscoring the protracted nature of the crisis.


While the UN was not a signatory to the Minsk agreements, Jenča reaffirmed the organization's steadfast support for diplomatic efforts and the full implementation of the accords and associated measures, in accordance with Council resolution 2202 (2015) and the presidential statement of 6 June 2018. He cautioned against a simplistic reliance on peace agreements, stressing the imperative to address underlying grievances and ensure inclusive participation of all stakeholders, including women, youth, and civil society.


Testifying from Donetsk, political activist and journalist Steve Sweeney provided a harrowing account of the impact of Western weapons launched from Ukraine, alleging widespread devastation of communities in the region. He described a dire humanitarian situation characterized by shortages of basic necessities such as hot water and electricity, attributing these conditions to deliberate targeting of infrastructure by Ukrainian forces, which he condemned as war crimes.


In the subsequent discussion, tensions flared as representatives from Russia and Ukraine traded accusations. The Russian delegate accused Ukraine of sabotaging the Minsk agreements by refusing direct engagement with Donbas in the Trilateral Contact Group, while Ukraine's delegate criticized Russia for disregarding the International Court of Justice's order to suspend military operations in Ukraine.


Western Council members rejected Russia's attempts to shift blame, asserting that Moscow had violated its commitments as a signatory to the Minsk agreements. The representative of France lamented Russia's unilateral recognition of the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, effectively nullifying the accords and precipitating the invasion of Ukraine.


China's delegate condemned double standards and urged NATO to refrain from escalating tensions, while the speaker for Mozambique called for a revival of the Minsk agreements in both letter and spirit, emphasizing the continued relevance of provisions such as an immediate ceasefire and political reforms.


As deliberations continue, the Security Council grapples with the complexities of the conflict in Ukraine, striving to uphold the principles of international law and safeguard the rights of affected populations amidst mounting geopolitical tensions.


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