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UN Secretary-General Condemns Six-Month Anniversary of Hamas Attacks, Calls for Urgent Action

By: ATN News

United Nations: In a solemn address at the Security Council stakeout, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres marked the six-month anniversary of the abhorrent terror attacks perpetrated by Hamas on Israel, denouncing the violence and emphasizing the urgent need for humanitarian intervention.

Guterres began by expressing solidarity with Israel and the international community, acknowledging the profound pain caused by the October 7th attacks. He mourned the loss of 1,200 lives, including numerous women and children, reaffirming that no justification exists for such heinous acts.

Condemning the use of sexual violence, torture, and the targeting of civilians, Guterres called for the unconditional release of all hostages held by Hamas and other armed groups, emphasizing the importance of humane treatment and access to assistance.

Turning his attention to the devastating impact on Palestinians in Gaza, Guterres highlighted the staggering death toll and injuries inflicted during the Israeli military campaign, stressing the urgent need for respect for international humanitarian law. He recounted harrowing testimonies from humanitarian workers on the ground, describing a crisis of unprecedented magnitude.

Guterres underscored the critical importance of humanitarian aid, lamenting the obstacles faced in its delivery and the dire consequences of its denial. With over a million people in Gaza facing catastrophic hunger, including children dying from lack of basic necessities, he emphasized the avoidable nature of the suffering endured.

Expressing deep concern over reports of the Israeli military's use of Artificial Intelligence in targeting operations, Guterres cautioned against the delegation of life-and-death decisions to algorithms, advocating for the responsible use of technology in warfare.

Acknowledging the sacrifices made by humanitarian workers in the conflict, Guterres condemned attacks on aid workers and journalists, urging transparency and accountability in addressing such incidents. He called for independent investigations and meaningful reforms to prevent further loss of life.

In response to recent commitments by the Israeli government to increase humanitarian aid to Gaza, Guterres urged swift action to alleviate the desperate situation on the ground, emphasizing the need for a paradigm shift in aid delivery.

Reiterating his calls for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, the release of hostages, and the protection of civilians, Guterres urged the Security Council to prioritize these demands. He warned of the grave consequences of inaction, stressing the need to avert mass starvation and regional escalation.

In conclusion, Guterres called for collective efforts to halt the suffering and prevent a humanitarian catastrophe, urging a return to global standards and norms to restore hope and peace to the region.


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