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U.S.-Morocco Relations Rooted in Peace and Friendship Since 1787

By: Ahmed Fathi

Nasser Bourita, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Moroccan Expatriates, met with Wendy Sherman, Deputy Secretary of State of the United States, today in Rabat.

Foreign Minister Bourita and Deputy Secretary Sherman hailed International Women's Day as a major step forward for women's rights. They emphasized the need to strengthen women's rights and achieve equality.

The conference provided an occasion to reaffirm the long-standing friendship between Morocco and the US, established in 1787 by the Treaty of Peace and Friendship. They stressed that Morocco and the US share a common interest in regional peace, stability, and prosperity. They also discussed the potential US-Moroccan cooperation.

Foreign Minister Bourita and Deputy Secretary Sherman praised King Mohammed VI's reform initiative.

It was agreed that the productive Morocco-US dialogue on human rights held in September 2021 should be used as a platform for all human rights problems.

In areas of common interests such as regional peace and prosperity, Africa's growth, and regional security, the Minister and the Deputy Secretary stated their intention to cooperate. Deputy Secretary Sherman praised Morocco's vital role in sustaining regional security and stability, as well as its contribution to Middle East peace and development.

The Foreign Minister and Deputy Secretary recalled the December 22, 2020 Joint Declaration by Morocco, the US, and Israel. The Deputy Secretary praised the continuous strengthening of Moroccan-Israeli ties. They discussed strategies to improve trilateral collaboration.

The Foreign Minister and Deputy Secretary backed UN Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura in guiding the political process for Western Sahara. The Deputy Secretary stated that the United States continues to see Morocco's Autonomy Plan as serious, credible, and realistic.

The Minister and the Deputy Secretary pledged to keep up the fight against terrorist organizations like AQIM and ISIS. The Deputy Secretary praised Morocco, a reliable security partner, for leading the Global Counterterrorism Forum and for supporting the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, particularly by co-chairing the Coalition's Africa Focus Group and hosting its May Ministerial Meeting.

The Deputy Secretary thanked Morocco for its sustained support for African Lion.

Deputy Secretary Sherman and Foreign Minister Bourita also discussed the Sahel, Libya, and Ukraine. They stressed the need of respecting each country's territorial integrity, sovereignty, and national unity.

Concerning Libya, the Deputy Secretary praised Morocco's excellent involvement and commitment to the UN's political process and hosting the intra-Libyan dialogue. Libyan sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, and national unity are top priorities for the Foreign Minister and Deputy Secretary of State.


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