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Secretary-General Calls for Unity and Action at Arab League Summit in Manama - Bahrain

By: ATN News

Manama-Bahrain: In a keynote address at the Arab League Summit, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres underscored the urgent need for unity and collective action within the Arab world to address pressing regional and global challenges. The summit, hosted in Manama, Bahrain, brought together leaders from across the Arab region to deliberate on critical issues facing their nations.

Guterres began his remarks by expressing gratitude to King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa of Bahrain for the invitation and warm hospitality extended to him. Reflecting on his own heritage, he highlighted the historical significance of Al-Andalus and Cordoba, emphasizing the rich cultural legacy of the Arab world.

Acknowledging the tumultuous history of the Arab region marked by colonization and exploitation, Guterres emphasized the potential for positive change and development. He stressed the importance of unity as a prerequisite for success in the contemporary world, warning against external interventions that exploit divisions and perpetuate conflicts.

The Secretary-General turned his attention to the ongoing crisis in Gaza, describing it as an "open wound" with far-reaching implications for regional stability. He condemned the violence perpetrated by both sides and called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire to alleviate the suffering of civilians and facilitate the delivery of life-saving aid.

Guterres also addressed the situation in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, expressing concern over illegal Israeli settlements, settler violence, and excessive use of force. He reiterated the United Nations' support for a two-state solution, emphasizing the need for Jerusalem to serve as the capital for both Israel and Palestine.

Turning to Sudan, the Secretary-General highlighted the humanitarian crisis exacerbated by conflict and called for intensified efforts to secure a lasting ceasefire and political solution. He emphasized the importance of inclusive peace processes that involve women and youth.

Guterres also expressed solidarity with the people of Syria and called for reconciliation and respect for human rights amidst ongoing conflict and external interference. He underscored the need for global cooperation to address pressing issues such as climate change, inequality, and technological advancement.

In conclusion, the Secretary-General urged Arab League Summit to seize the opportunity to foster unity and solidarity, emphasizing the potential for collective action to promote peace, prosperity, and global cooperation. He reaffirmed the United Nations' commitment to supporting Arab states in their efforts to address shared challenges and achieve sustainable development.

The Secretary-General's address concluded with gratitude and appreciation, as he thanked the audience in Arabic, "Shukran."


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