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Salman Rushdie is on a Ventilator After Being Stabbed and May Lose an Eye

By: Ahmed Fathi

Salman Rushdie remained hospitalized Saturday after suffering serious injuries in a stabbing incident that elicited shock and anger throughout the world, as well as tributes and appreciation for the award-winning author who has suffered death threats for his work "The Satanic Verses" for more than 30 years by Iran.

Rushdie, 75, was on a ventilator and unable to talk after suffering a damaged liver and severed nerves in an arm and an eye, according to his agent Andrew Wylie on Friday evening. Rushdie was almost certainly going to lose his wounded eye.

Authorities said Rushdie's suspected assailant, Hadi Matar, was expected in court on Saturday to face attempted murder and assault charges. His lawyer was contacted and asked for comment.

Authors, activists, and government officials condemned the attack and praised Rushdie's bravery in advocating for free expression despite the dangers to his own safety.


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