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[Video] How Qixing Group Leaders Are Making an Impact Through Entrepreneurship, Economic Circulation, and Social Responsibility

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By: Ahmed Fathi

New York: In an exclusive interview with Qixing Group's CEO Chang Zhihui and Chairman Xiao Yinhui, the leaders shed light on the company's mission, strategies, and unwavering commitment to social responsibility amidst global economic challenges. From their recent trip to the United States to their core values driving entrepreneurial success, the discussion encompassed insights crucial for both investors and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Expanding Global Horizons:

Opening the dialogue, CEO Chang Zhihui outlined Qixing Group's ambition to position itself as China's premier internet platform for the special asset industry. Their recent foray into the United States alongside high-net-worth investors signifies a pivotal step towards achieving this goal. Chang emphasized the importance of global interaction in realizing their vision of running a world-class company, aligning with the ethos of driving economic circulation and empowering entrepreneurship.

Nurturing Economic Resilience:

Amidst global economic turbulence, maintaining a balance between economic growth and social responsibility is paramount. Chang emphasized Qixing Group's lead-by-example approach, citing the ancient Chinese adage 'Tianxingjian' as a guiding principle. Through initiatives like charity funds and support for Chinese entrepreneurs, the company aims not only to weather economic downturns but also to catalyze societal progress.

Embedding Social Responsibility:

Chairman Xiao Yinhui delved into the intricacies of Qixing Group's investment practices, highlighting the emphasis on social responsibility within the investment club. By mobilizing assets and supporting entrepreneurs, the group ensures that social responsibility remains integral to its investment decisions, contributing to both economic vitality and community well-being.

Cultivating Future Leaders:

Reflecting on Qixing Group's core values—strength, compassion, courage, wisdom, collaboration, positivity, and responsibility—Chang and Xiao offered advice to young entrepreneurs. They stressed the importance of embodying these values, fostering a culture of cooperation, and integrating social responsibility into business models to navigate the asset management industry successfully.

Closing Remarks:

In closing, both leaders expressed optimism about China's long-term development and invited foreign investors to contribute to its growth. They reiterated Qixing Group's dedication to social responsibility and its profound impact on communities worldwide, underscoring their unwavering commitment to fostering economic resilience and entrepreneurial success.

As Qixing Group continues to chart its course in the global arena, its steadfast focus on social responsibility sets a compelling example for businesses striving to thrive amidst economic uncertainty while uplifting communities and stakeholders worldwide.

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