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President Biden Awards the Highest Honor to U.N. Correspondent

Washington July 08th: President Joseph Biden has awarded Ahmed Fathi of New York, Managing Editor of ATN-American Television News and a U.N. Correspondent “The Call to Service Award” also known as “The Lifetime Achievement Award” for his lifetime of service to his community and to the United States of America.

The Lifetime Achievement Award is a National Civic Award awarded by the President of the United States of America and was established in 2003 by Executive Order by President George W. Bush which encourages citizens to live a life of service and civic engagement.

The award is offered in four categories depending on amount of service, including Bronze, Silver, Gold and "The President's Call to Service Award" (referred to as The President's Lifetime Achievement Award"). It is the most prestigious, and it has been awarded to few Americans to recognize over 4,000 hours of service certified by AmeriCorps the federal agency dedicated to volunteerism and civic participation.

Fathi’s nomination with this award was made by the St. Lazarus Relief Fund, a 501c3 organization. Karen Cantrell the Chairperson of the SLRF said “We are proud to partner with the Federal Agency AmeriCorps and be a certifying organization. The extensive volunteer work that was performed by Ahmed Fathi over the years, enabled SLRF and its underlining organizations to provide relief assistance across the United States and beyond to international destinations.

For more Information Please Contact

Karen Cantrell

St. Lazarus Relief Fund


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