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Innovator of Security: Renita Rismayanti Grabs Historic UN Award for Policing Prowess

© Herve Serefio Police First Sergeant Renita Rismayanti, of Indonesia wins the 2023 United Nations Woman Police Officer of the Year Award.

By: ATN News

In an epoch-making instance at the UN Headquarters in the metropolis of New York, First Sergeant Renita Rismayanti, a 27-year-old arbiter of criminal databases within MINUSCA, was bestowed with the esteemed Woman Police Officer of the Year Award. This recognition solidifies her status as the youngest awardee in the illustrious history of the accolade spanning 13 years.

Ms. Rismayanti has played a pivotal role in conceiving and executing an innovative database, bestowing UN Police (UNPOL) with the capability to chart and scrutinize zones of criminality and tumult. This has made a significant contribution to the mission's imperative of safeguarding civilians and buttressing the restructuring of the security sector.

Upon receiving the accolade, she devoted it to all those laboring quietly for constructive transformation, underscoring the collective endeavor integral to their triumphs. She expressed appreciation to the leadership of MINUSCA, her chief in the section, and her comrades, accentuating their unwavering commitment and collaborative spirit that has fortified security, particularly for marginalized communities like women and girls.

Contemplating her odyssey, Ms. Rismayanti urged all women to embrace their boundless potential, accentuating the authority to effect change and motivate others. She underscored the significance of uplifting others and extending a helping hand to those forging their own paths.

Jean-Pierre Lacroix, the luminary at the helm of UN Peacekeeping, extolled Ms. Rismayanti for bringing honor not only to the United Nations but also to her country of origin. He spotlighted her role in augmenting the security forces' strategic planning in the Central African Republic through a lens attuned to gender sensitivity.

Lacroix hailed her as a youthful harbinger of transformation, highlighting her involvement in propelling the UN's strides towards harnessing data and technology for operational efficiency and futurity relevance. He restated the UN's commitment to the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda, prioritizing peacekeeping endeavors attuned to gender responsiveness and the meaningful participation of women in peace and political machinations.

In confronting the persistent perils to women's safety, Lacroix acknowledged UNPOL's activities in instilling confidence, particularly in regions like the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mali, and South Sudan. These endeavors have played an integral role in dismantling barriers to women's involvement and stabilizing foundational security conditions.

Lacroix also felicitated the UN Police Division for strides towards the goals of gender parity, noting that six out of the thirteen leaders or deputy leaders of UN police components in field missions are women. This acknowledgment marks a stride forward in the ongoing endeavors to forge more inclusive and gender-tailored peacekeeping operations.


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