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Honorary Doctorate in Political Science Awarded to ATN Managing Editor by UIPM Singapore

By: ATN News

Kuala Lumpur: January 31, 2024 – In a gathering of achievers' ceremony held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Ahmed Fathi, Managing Editor of ATN-American Television News, UN Correspondent, and Global Affairs Analyst, was conferred with an Honorary Doctorate in Political Science by the Universal Institute for Professional Management (UIPM) in Singapore.


The convocation event witnessed the recognition of 45 outstanding individuals from various fields, with Mr. Fathi receiving acclaim for his significant contributions to journalism, international affairs and professional management.


During his video message delivered at the convocation, Mr. Fathi expressed his gratitude, stating, “It is with profound gratitude and humility that I address you today, deeply moved by the esteemed honor bestowed upon me through the UIPM Honorary Doctorate in Political Science.”


Acknowledging the interplay between effective management and the dynamic realm of politics, Mr. Fathi highlighted the complexities faced in the realm of the United Nations and international politics. He emphasized the importance of leadership in shaping the collective future, stating, “The recognition by UIPM of the nexus between journalism, professional management, and political science underscores the pivotal role that effective leadership plays in steering our societies toward progress and harmony.”


Reflecting on the responsibility accompanying the privilege of knowledge, Mr. Fathi urged fellow honorees to lead with wisdom, empathy, and a vision for positive change. He commended UIPM as a beacon for excellence in management and expressed pride in aligning himself with the distinguished group of achievers along the ideals of the distinguished institution.


In his closing remarks, Mr. Fathi extended his deepest appreciation to UIPM, stating, “May we all persist in our pursuit of learning, continue to lead, and collectively leave an indelible mark on the pages of history.”


Ahmed Fathi's Honorary Doctorate stands as a testament to his commitment to excellence and his impactful contributions to the fields of journalism, international affairs, and professional management.


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