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[Video] EmpowerHer Forum: Championing Women's Entrepreneurship and Global Peace

By: Ahmed Fathi


United Nations: In a recent interview with Anni Huang, Founder and Chairwoman of EmpowerHer Forum, following the successful conclusion of the forum at the United Nations Headquarters, she shed light on the profound motivations behind founding this groundbreaking initiative and its future aspirations. With a mission to inspire and uplift female entrepreneurs worldwide, the EmpowerHer Forum stands as a beacon of empowerment and collaboration.


Empowering Voices: Uniting Women Globally

Addressing the question of the forum's inception, Anni Huang articulated the original intention as providing a dedicated platform for female entrepreneurs, fostering innovation, and nurturing economic independence. She emphasized the forum's commitment to inspiring women to achieve self-improvement and empowerment through entrepreneurship.


Watch the story of Anni Huang


Catalysts of Change: Inside EmpowerHer Forum

When questioned about what sets the EmpowerHer Forum apart from other women-centric platforms, Huang highlighted its unique emphasis on experiential sharing and mutual learning. She underlined the forum's role not only in showcasing women's achievements but also in facilitating collaboration and resource-sharing among participants, thus equipping them to overcome entrepreneurial challenges effectively.


Insights into Empowerment

In response to inquiries about women's role in promoting gender equality, Anni Huang stressed the significance of self-empowerment, emphasizing confidence-building, continuous learning, and active participation in social activities. She emphasized the importance of mutual support among women, advocating for collective growth and solidarity as key drivers of progress.


Charting the Future

Looking ahead, Huang outlined ambitious plans to expand the EmpowerHer Forum into a global platform, leveraging both physical gatherings and online exchanges to maximize its impact. She expressed intentions to integrate training, workshops, and financial support mechanisms to further bolster women's entrepreneurship and growth on a global scale.


Harmonizing Humanity

Transitioning to discussions about the song "Let Peace Prevail," Anni Huang shared the profound motivations behind its creation—a heartfelt call for peace amidst global turmoil. She underscored the song's unique blend of musical languages and cultural elements, aimed at fostering a universal appreciation for peace and unity.


Music as a Catalyst for Peace

Reflecting on the unique role of music in advancing peace, Huang emphasized its unparalleled ability to transcend linguistic and cultural barriers. She emphasized music's capacity to evoke empathy, promote understanding, and foster reconciliation, citing historical precedents where music has played a pivotal role in resolving conflicts and promoting societal harmony.


A Call to Unite for Empowerment and Peace

In conclusion, Anni Huang's insights shed light on the transformative potential of initiatives like the EmpowerHer Forum and artistic endeavors such as "Let Peace Prevail" in shaping a more equitable, harmonious world. With a steadfast commitment to empowerment and peace, these endeavors stand as beacons of hope in an ever-changing global landscape.



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