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Video: Building Bridges, Rebuilding Trust UN Chief Antonio Guterres Charts a Course at Davos

By: ATN News

Davos, Switzerland: United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres delivered a powerful address at the World Economic Forum in Davos, highlighting the pressing global crisis in trust. Guterres identified a paradox where, despite facing existential threats like climate change and unregulated AI development, the world appears powerless to act collectively.

The Secretary-General emphasized the urgency of addressing climate breakdown as countries persist in raising emissions, leading to a potential three-degree increase in global temperatures. He vividly described firsthand observations of environmental changes, including the receding Himalayan glaciers and melting ice sheets in Antarctica.

Guterres called out the U.S. fossil fuel industry for launching a multi-million-dollar campaign to impede progress, reiterating the inevitability of phasing out fossil fuels and emphasizing the need for a just transition to renewable energy.

The risks associated with generative AI were underscored, with a warning from the International Monetary Fund about its potential to worsen global inequality. The Secretary-General criticized powerful tech companies for prioritizing profits over human rights, personal privacy, and social impact.

The address delved into the geopolitical divides hindering effective global strategies for climate change and AI. Guterres expressed concern about the erosion of systems that once promoted predictability, emphasizing the need for a reformed, inclusive, networked multilateralism.

Addressing geopolitical conflicts, the Secretary-General called for a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza and a just peace in Ukraine, emphasizing adherence to the United Nations Charter and international law.

Guterres identified geopolitical divisions as a major risk factor affecting the faltering global economy, contributing to political instability and economic insecurity. He highlighted rising inequality and injustice, pointing to alarming statistics about the wealth gap and economic challenges faced by developing countries.

Expressing shock at the systematic undermining of principles and standards, Guterres emphasized the need for deep reforms to global governance to rebuild trust. He called for a Summit of the Future in September to consider essential reforms and proposed a Global Digital Compact to bridge the digital divide.

The Secretary-General urged the private sector's engagement in AI governance, emphasizing the UN's central convening role. He highlighted preliminary recommendations from the Advisory Board on Artificial Intelligence and the need for governments to collaborate with tech companies on risk management frameworks.

In conclusion, Guterres asserted that rebuilding trust is essential and possible, urging collective action to prevent further damage and steer the world towards safety, prosperity, and peace.


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