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Breaking the Chains of War: Jeffrey Sachs Unveils Blueprint for Global Peace

By: ATN News

In a poignant testimony to the UN Security Council, Columbia University Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs passionately addressed the global affliction of ongoing conflicts, presenting a compelling vision for peace and sustainable development in a concise 500 words.

Sachs, a distinguished expert in the global economy and sustainable development, highlighted the urgent need to confront major wars devastating nations worldwide, including conflicts in Ukraine, Israel-Palestine, Syria, and the Sahel region. These wars, with their tragic toll on lives and economies, stand as formidable obstacles to sustainable development.

Sachs proposed a pragmatic two-fold approach for the UN Security Council to swiftly end these conflicts. Firstly, he urged withholding external financing and armaments, and secondly, diplomatically addressing the underlying economic and political factors driving these wars.

Focusing on the Ukraine conflict, Sachs identified NATO expansion and an east-west ethnic divide as primary causes. He recommended a security guarantee for Ukraine, coupled with a commitment to non-NATO expansion. Sachs also stressed the need for an inclusive trade policy and the creation of a Peace and Development Fund to aid in reconstruction.

Addressing the Israel-Palestine conflict, Sachs advocated for the enforcement of UN resolutions and the immediate recognition of the State of Palestine. He proposed the establishment of a peacekeeping force, emphasizing economic measures such as offshore resource utilization and the creation of a modern infrastructure, funded by the Peace and Development Fund.

For Syria, Sachs called for an end to regime-change attempts and collaboration with the Syrian government for reconstruction. The economic focus would involve integration into the Eastern Mediterranean-Middle East region, facilitated by the Peace and Sustainable Development Fund.

In tackling the Sahel region crisis, Sachs underscored the importance of addressing insecurity and poverty through massive regional investments in infrastructure. He proposed the creation of the Peace and Development Fund, funded by redirecting a portion of major powers' military outlays, emphasizing regional integration and collaboration with existing initiatives.

Sachs urged the UN Security Council to leverage its considerable powers to enforce resolutions, including the introduction of peacekeepers, economic sanctions, and referrals to the International Criminal Court. He emphasized the need for economic peacebuilding, suggesting the creation of the Peace and Development Fund as a crucial tool for positive development dynamics.

In a moving moment, Sachs invoked the words of the prophet Isaiah, urging a collective commitment to beating swords into ploughshares. He proposed redirecting military outlays into sustainable development finance, drawing inspiration from Pope Paul VI's call and a UN General Assembly resolution.

In conclusion, Professor Sachs expressed unwavering faith in the United Nations and its capacity to usher in a new era of global peace and sustainable development. He invoked the legacy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, envisioning a world where all nations live up to the UN Charter, bringing forth a Global Age of Peace and Sustainable Development.


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