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3rd Morocco- Pacific Islands States Forum

Layoune (Morocco): The third Morocco- Pacific Island States Forum was held in the city of Laayoune on February 26-28. The forum was attended by 12 Pacific Island States foreign minister. It concluded by adopting a declaration “reaffirming the commitment to strengthening cooperation between Morocco and Pacific Island States” within the framework of South-South cooperation.

Member countries expressed concern regarding the effects of climate change, especially as it presents a particular danger to Pacific Island States. Morocco pledged to cooperate with member counties to combat climate change. Morocco also plans to share its experience in the following fields: Education and Training, Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Security, Tourism and Health.

The forum established a roadmap to guide cooperation for the next three years and until the next forum will be held in 2023. Until then, progress will be reviewed annually at the UN General Assembly meetings in New York.


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