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Saudi Arabia Will Move Fast on Executing those Indicted of Killing Jamal Khashoogi to Protect the Cr

New York: The farcical report of the Saudi Persecutor General yesterday that indicted 11 suspects in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on Oct 2nd without mentioning a single name of any of them!!! And sought the death sentence for 5 of the accused gives an idea to what length the regime is willing to go into protecting the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who is widely thought to be the one who authorized the killing at the first place based on leaks of audio recordings by Turkey.

Just as a heads up the trial if any will not last long and death sentences will be issued and carried out fast, which will leave any attempt for international investigation to take place with a hole in building a case since those indicted can directly implicate the crown prince.

I do not imagine that this case will be closed as fast as the Saudis wish and every day they increase their arrogance and disrespect of the international law. Yesterday, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir summed up the case saying the murdered and the killers were Saudis and the crime took place on Saudi soil !!! This proves that the Saudis lives depend on the will of the king and his crown prince.

This Saudi scenario is not going to happen because of the provocation of international public opinion and Congress in the United States and the demand of the Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Gawishoglu to conduct an international investigation about his threat that this will lead to schism in the Islamic world. It is added to the pranks that accompany this issue from the Saudi side, where there is virtually nothing we can call the Islamic world, but an umbrella organization called the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which is its existence as if it is not because Turkey is a Sunni Islamic state, because Saudi Arabia arch-rival Iran is a Shiite Islamic state, but the Saudis do not condemn it apparently as well.

Another point is added to this heinous crime against humanity, which is the brutality carried out, which is similar to what the Islamic State Organization ISIL is doing. It is not only an indication of brutality but also of the means of training. It will lead, at a later stage, to research, perhaps investigating the relationship between the Saudi intelligence and ISIL , which is accused of training and arming the terrorist organization.

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