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The Medieval Saudi Kingdom Trembling Under the Consequences of Disappearance and Dismembering of Dis

New York: In the aftermath of the disappearance of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and the possibility of his death and his body being dismembered on the orders of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is actually the de facto ruler in Saudi Arabia, the Western media began to open his files and crimes committed to paint an image of an abnormal figure and his style of governing in the light of the inability of his aging father King Salman, who is in his 80s and floating rumors of his suffering of Alzheimer's disease, which is impending his ability to judge things correctly in a country with an absolute monarchical system, where all the authorities are concentrated in his hands, and his son Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

During the short period that the powers were concentrated in his hands in the oil-rich state that replicates the medieval kingdoms in the 21st century, he waged a war in Yemen that resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands, and displaced the Yemenis, leaving millions to face famine and the outbreak of cholera. This is the man who fought a diplomatic war with Canada over a tweet he did not like. This is the man who arrested activists of female motorists after allowing women to drive because he did not like the way they behaved. This is the man who kidnapped the Lebanese prime minister and forced him to resign on television. This is the man who has imprisoned his family and business leaders and managed to reap tens of billions of dollars of their assets not considering the impact it will have on the stability of his country. This man is not a man who understands the limits of his authority and the limits of human decency.

At the same time, there are no indications that the Trump's administration has been particularly effective in conveying the idea to him and the rest of the Saudi leadership that certain types of behavior are not simply accepted on the world stage and the international community, which Trump does not primarily gives any weight.

From the point of view of the young prince Mohammed bin Salman we have to understand that he never imagined that there was a problem. One day Jamal Khashoggi will go to the consulate to get some visa documents for marriage and he will not leave the consulate again. He is likely to be kidnapped and deported to Saudi Arabia, where he will face some sort of trial for his suspected break-up. This as far as the Crown Prince thinks, and the use of the logic criteria we have seen before, is simply equated with the criminal role he plays and does not negate the responsibility of President Donald Trump to collude in covering this barbarous crime from a character that appears to be psychotic and continuing be so.

The Senate will not continue to look favorably on Saudi Arabia nor its Western allies, led by the United States of America, the gurantor of its security and the security of all the Gulf states. Perhaps the statement of Senator Lindsey Graham (R - South Carolina) today on Fox News expresses the prevailing opinion in the corridors of Congress, “This guy must go. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, if you are listening, there are a lot of good people who can be selected, but "MBS" (Mohammed bin Salman) tainted your country and tainted himself. "

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