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Updated: Trump Cancels Summit with Kim Jong-Un

New York: The planned summit between President Donald Trump and North Korea's leader Kim Jong-Un planned in Singapore on June 12th has been cancelled.

The cancellation came in a letter sent by Trump to Kim, immediate reactions from Pyongyang is not yet available.

Letter sent by President Trump to Kim Jong-Un cancelling the summit

Earlier statement by North Korea said on Thursday that it would have second thoughts about a summit meeting between its leader, Kim Jong-un, and President Trump if American officials continued to make what the North considers threats against its leadership.

The North Korean official who issued the warning singled out Vice President Mike Pence for remarks that she called “ignorant and stupid.” In an interview broadcast on Monday on Fox News, Mr. Pence warned that North Korea’s government could end up like that of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, the former Libyan leader.

This is a developing story and more details will follow

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