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the UNstory Americans No Closer To Cuban Cigars and Rum!

United Nations: The United Nations on Wednesday moved no closer to getting Americans their Cuban cigars and rum.

Every year for 26 years, the UN General Assembly holds a vote condemning the US embargo on Cuba and every year the Americans, not surprisingly, fail to support it.

Well, actually, last year was a little different and the Obama administration abstained for the very first time.

But a lot can change in a year and these days it’s all about making America great again, which mostly means doing the opposite of whatever the black guy did when he was in the White House.

Haley justified this year’s “no” vote as favor to the Cuban people and she was unsparing in attacking their government’s human rights record, even if that’s rarely an issue when countries like Saudi Arabia and the Philippines are doing the abusing.

My, she sounds almost wistful. Don’t worry Nikki, America is second to none and if things keep going the way they’re going, in a few years the US government will be doing all those things just as well if not better than Cuba. Hell, the Cuban foreign minister almost admitted as much.

Haley dismissed the whole exercise as a waste of time and that’s technically true. Resolutions in the General Assembly are non-binding and unenforceable, but Haley had an even better reason which is that the U.S. just doesn’t care what other countries think.

Once again the resolution passed, this time by a vote 191-2 with only Israel joining the U.S.

So, close but no Cuban cigar.

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