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"Security-and-Development Nexus": The Way Forward for Kazakhstan

United Nations: The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kairat Abdrakhmanov addressed the U.N. General Assembly on Thursday September 21st. He emphasized the country’s work towards sustainable development, peace, and security, “My country has become a net contributor to peace, security and stability, economic and social development ­not only in the region but far beyond.” By 2050, Minister Abdrakhmanov said his country seeks to expedite this work by becoming a top competitive economy in the world.

Kazakhstan, formerly a soviet republic, is ethnically and religiously diverse with a population of about 16 Million.. The Foreign minister highlighted President Nazarbayev’s plans for constitutional reform in Kazakhstan in the country’s quest for modernizing national identity to “carefully preserved peace and harmony in our multi-ethnic and multi- religious society, stressing and enforcing the equality and dignity of every citizen.”

The foreign minister reiterated his commitment to sustainable development by highlighting the nexus between security, peace, and development. “Kazakhstan is actively working on establishing and hosting a UN Regional Hub for multilateral diplomacy in Almaty focusing on sustainable development, humanitarian assistance, disaster risk reduction and resilience building in the region and the wider area.” He was also among international leaders who condemned the use of nuclear weapons in light of the dangers emanating from the North Korean threat, “I want to specifically stress that the DPRK's actions to further develop its nuclear and missile programs are totally unacceptable.”

“We don't have the luxury of being able to make mistakes and then going back to correct them, “ said the minister in his closing remarks, “We call on all world leaders to redouble their efforts and goodwill to head towards lasting peace and prosperity for all.” The Minister ended his remarks by again highlighting the importance of peace, stability, and sustainable development in a fragile world.

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