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North Korean Voices of the Oppressed

The most important standard to understand the seriousness of human rights in North Korea is the U.N. United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), which points out countries with poor human rights and adopts a resolution on human rights. Since 2003, UNHCR has adopted a resolution on North Korean human rights every year. After 2005, resolutions on North Korean human rights have been adopted on United Nations General Assembly level.

The North Korean Government retains its power through a totalitarian family dictatorship. Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il, and Kim jong-un have led the North Korean Government for 70 years.

As a result of their tight hold on power, the human rights conditions of North Koreans are rarely known to the international community.

Human Rights in North Korea are clearly being violated according to the testimonies given by several North Korean defectors.

This video was made based on the testimonies of North Korean defectors who risked their lives to defect to the Republic of Korea. They gave their testimonies on how their human rights were violated by the North Korean Government.

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