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The Diplomatic Dance of Double Standards and Hypocrisy"

UN Security Council Emergency Meeting on the Bombing of Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza

By: Ahmed Fathi

UNHQ: In a high-stakes gathering at the United Nations Security Council, a multitude of ambassadors and high-level officials expressed their grave concerns and opinions regarding the recent bombing of Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza, an attack that claimed the lives of 500 innocent civilians. This urgent meeting requested by U.A.E. and Russia brought to light the pressing need for immediate action to address the escalating crisis in the region following the failure of the Council to adopt the Brazilian Humanitarian resolution due the US veto, but managed to get 12 members in favor.

The Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, Martin Griffith, delivered a powerful message

Martin Griffith, UN Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs

to the council, emphasizing the paramount importance of safeguarding the lives of civilians in North Gaza. He stressed that whether these civilians decide to remain in their homes or seek refuge elsewhere, they must be protected. Griffith underscored that it is their decision and their decision alone to make, but this fact does not alter the undeniable obligation to protect them.

UN Coordinator for Middle East Peace Process, Tor Wennesland, issued a dire warning about the very real and perilous risks of the conflict's expansion

Tor Wennesland, UN Coordinator for Middle East Peace Process

. He criticized the international community for its collective failure and expressed his fear that the situation could push the Israel-Palestine conflict, and possibly the entire Middle East, to the brink of a deep and dangerous abyss. Tor Wennesland, UN Coordinator for Middle East Peace Process

Ambassador Riad Mansour Permanent Observer of the State of Palestine

Ambassador and Permanent Observer of the State of Palestine, Riad Mansour, reminded the UN Security Council of past denials by Israel, such as the killings of the Palestinian American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh and the child Mohammed Al-Durra, despite substantial evidence contradicting those denials. Mansour questioned the council, saying, "Remember the last time somebody presented evidence in this Chamber to justify war?"

Taher Sonni, Libya's Ambassador and Permanant Representative

Libya's Ambassador, Taher Sonni, delivered a blunt and unvarnished critique of the Security Council. He switched from reading his statement in Arabic to English and criticized the council, particularly Western countries, for their decades-long preaching and lecturing on human rights and international law. Sonni challenged the double standards and hypocrisy he perceived, concluding with a stern call to end this duplicity.

This extraordinary session of the UN Security Council highlighted the urgency of addressing the crisis in Gaza, with diplomats and officials voicing their concerns, criticisms, and warnings about the dire consequences of inaction in the face of a deeply troubling situation. The world watches closely as the international community grapples with these critical issues.


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