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"Silent Waters, Disturbing Echoes: Greek Coastguards Under Scrutiny in Migrant Deaths

By: ATN News

New York: A BBC documentary titled "Dead Calm: Killing in the Med?" Revealed shocking allegations against the Greek coastguard, linking them to the deaths of more than 40 migrants in various incidents over several years. The accusations, vehemently refuted by Greek officials, suggest that migrants were either forcibly thrown overboard or left stranded in unseaworthy vessels by the coastguard, preventing them from seeking asylum in Greece.

Based on thorough research and firsthand testimonies, the documentary unveils distressing stories of brutality and neglect involving Greek coastguard personnel. Survivors recounted being mistreated on coastguard vessels after being intercepted upon arrival on Greek islands. One survivor shared a harrowing experience of being tossed into the sea with bound hands, witnessing the tragic drowning of fellow migrants.

One highlighted case involves Mohamed, a Syrian refugee, whose ordeal highlights the dangers faced by migrants at sea. Mohamed claims that after their boat malfunctioned near Rhodes, the Greek coastguard sent them back to Turkish waters, leaving them stranded on faulty or intentionally damaged life rafts. Sadly, several children lost their lives before help arrived.

These allegations have stirred global outrage and demands for accountability. Despite Greece's persistent denials and claims of compliance with international law and humane treatment, the documentary's evidence suggests a consistent pattern of illegal pushbacks, a violation of international agreements.

The BBC documentary, supported by evidence from NGOs and the Turkish coastguard, highlights the severity of the accusations. Testimonies and images depict instances of migrants, including women and children, being abandoned at sea on rafts and later rescued by Turkish authorities.

In response to inquiries, the Greek coastguard reiterated its commitment to international obligations and professionalism. The Hellenic Coast Guard stressed its role in saving thousands of lives at sea through numerous rescue missions since 2015.

Nevertheless, the mounting evidence from "Dead Calm: Killing in the Med?" challenges these claims, revealing a troubling pattern of abuse and human rights violations against vulnerable migrants seeking refuge.

As the world awaits further investigations and responses from Greek authorities, the revelations from this documentary raise concerns about Europe's handling of the Mediterranean humanitarian crisis, renewing calls for justice and accountability for the victims of these alleged atrocities.


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