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Manusmriti In Tamil Pdf 36 vinbir




published in 1937 as a translation from the Sanskrit with a commentary. Excerpt: What are some issues that have not been resolved for women because of the role of the family? How much of the 60-year gap between political and economic equality can be attributed to the traditional role of the family in Indian society? SECTION TWO PASSAGE FOUR Chapter VI: The Acts of Households 36. Manu tells us: If a person murders another, that is the greatest of all sins. It breaks all ties of kinship and destroys society. Manusmriti (Bk. 5, Ch. VI, S.41): If a man says anything worse than this about his enemy, and if that man feels that hurt, and if he considers that the worse has been done to him, and if he retaliates against that enemy, he has committed the very worst of all sins. He can hardly be held responsible for the killing. 36. What is the reason for this? It is this: The King or the Chief of the kingdom first ought to be avoided, but if he must be killed, it is best to kill him in the absence of the community, when he is not surrounded by his relatives or by persons who are dear to him. Chandos by Srimad Bhagawatam CHAPTER III. The Laws of Manu 36. Some say it is because the King has been hurt, but they are wrong. It is because the King is a son of a (relative). (See the remarks in the Maira Anukulanam, chapter on the "Firearms" of the Vedas.) The Maira says that the son of a (relative) deserves to be killed first. He further says that the son of a relative always brings about the death of the father, for a son's hate is greater than a father's love. SECTION TWO PASSAGE FOUR Chapter VI: The Acts of Households 36. From this it appears that the King is a son of a (relative). If the King is not killed in the presence of the people, then the son is to be killed first. There is another opinion that the King is a son of a (relative) and should be killed at the place of the kingdom. (See Muni Dig. 11.17) There is a third opinion that the son of a (relative) should be