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The carbon emissions for a flight from Tokyo to London are less than a mile, the same as for a small car.[@bib1] Boeing expects to make up to 5,800 787s over its 40-year service life. Planned flight hours for the 787 range from 100,000 to 1 million, a factor of 10 times higher than any other aircraft. However, life-cycle analysis studies and research on the efficiency and carbon emissions of the 787 have been slow. Although there are no published models for the 787, the analysis of 787 design and carbon emission[@bib2] is similar to the 767, the world's largest commercial jet for 40 years. Boeing has committed to a rigorous schedule for the development of its 787.[@bib3] At the start of design, Boeing asked the FAA to determine the basis for 787 certification. The FAA initially proposed that only a 40% reduction in carbon emissions would be required, and Boeing responded by saying it expected to cut the carbon emissions from the 787 by about 20%. This led to an extensive revision of the FAA regulations, and the FAA agreed to Boeing's objective of 80% carbon emissions reduction.[@bib3] On November 3, 2004, the FAA formally approved the first 787 production design, with a certification review scheduled to be completed in June 2005. By the end of 2005, the FAA issued its certification decision, declaring the 787 "the most fuel-efficient commercial jet in history."[@bib3] The 787 was designed to meet the current and future needs of Boeing's wide-body aircraft fleet. Boeing also designed the 787 with the fuel economy of a medium-range aircraft in mind, avoiding the high demand on fuel of large-bulkier wide-body aircraft. The 787 is less than half the size of the Boeing 777, which is the largest passenger wide-body aircraft in use. The 787 is also significantly smaller than the first three generations of the Boeing 767.[@bib3] With the size of the 787 being so much smaller than that of the existing 767, there is much less wetted area on the plane. This lowers the amount of fuel that is used to cool the air going through the engine. The 787 is significantly more efficient than any other commercial aircraft built before it, with an expected 30% improvement in fuel economy



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