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 ) .  . or CRACK Gillmeister Rename Expert V5.12.3) Download: A: We have fixed the issue for the board versions of the book, and the issue has been reviewed by our platform team. VIDEO - Nick Clegg says he would ‘rather have gone to prison than become an MP’ In a new video uploaded to his YouTube page, the former Deputy Prime Minister discusses the incident that led to him losing his seat in the 2010 election and how he felt as he drove away from Westminster. Speaking to interviewer Deborah McWilliams, Mr Clegg says: “I think the voting public made a really clear judgment that this was a minister who was in charge of the government when they fell over in the budget, when they fell over in the banking reforms. “And they wanted to know that there was somebody really taking responsibility. And I think that the electorate made that judgment.” The Liberal Democrat leader says his replacement was a “very strong, passionate, highly effective figure” and he believes voters were “keen to see somebody who looked different”. Mr Clegg also discusses his time in politics, and in particular, his belief that all the main political parties are corrupt and that the British public has no faith in the political system. Mr Clegg added: “I think the political parties are corrupt, I think the political parties are unaccountable, I think the political parties are of no real value to the British public. “I think that the British public have lost all confidence in the political system. And I think that’s a very dangerous thing. And I think that the British people voted for something different.” Nick Clegg Voted For Difference — Fresh Start (@FreshStartTV) September 27, 2015 It comes after his party lost control of Sheffield Hallam, the seat it had held for 14 years, in the 2010 election. The former Deputy Prime Minister said he did not regret his decision to leave the House of Commons, but in the wake of the “deeply damaging” defeat, he became depressed. And, speaking on BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, he said: “It was really




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CRACK Gillmeister Rename Expert V5.12.3

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