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Royal Society of Saint George Statements on the Passing of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II

By: Ahmed Fathi

Since its founding in 1894, the Royal Society of Saint George has served as England's preeminent patriotic organization, devoted to fostering national pride and honoring traditional English values. Thousands of people are involved, and there are more than 60 branches in England and more than 30 elsewhere. The Society's first Royal Patron was Queen Victoria, and since then, all subsequent monarchs have honored them with their support. Having its own Royal Charter granted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1963 was a great honor for the Society.

In light of the loss of its patron, H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, Joanna Cadman, Chairman of the RSSG, has issued the following statement:

Dear Members of the Royal Society of St George

I am reaching out to you at this time of national mourning for our beloved Queen, knowing that we

will all be in shock and feeling an enormous sense of loss. Her Majesty has reigned over us with grace and dignity and an enormous sense of, not only duty but incredible humility, for 70 years now, it is hard to imagine a world where she is not still our Sovereign. The world has changed so much in the last 70 years, but she has always been constant, a source of strength to her country and the Commonwealth. Our lives have been measured by her presence in the life of our nation, as well as the wider world.

As well as being our Queen and Sovereign, Her Majesty has been a loving and dedicated wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. Our hearts are with all those who, today, will be feeling her loss even more keenly than us.

Our duty to her memory over the days ahead will be to mourn for an extraordinary and exemplary life, to reflect on her dedicated service given to us her people, to ensure that she is honoured in every way. Which I know that you, her loyal subjects, will do with all your hearts.

And at the same time, we welcome our new King and pledge to him our loyalty and dedication.

Long live the King.

My very best wishes to you.

Joanna Cadman


On this sad day for not just England but also America, Princess Karen Cantrell, Chairman of the Royal Society of Saint George in California, issued a statement reflecting the respect, love, and admiration that Americans hold for the late Queen Elizabeth II and the feel of loss they feel

It is with great sadness that we join the nations of the Commonwealth and beyond in mourning at

the death of our Patron, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, undoubtedly our country’s greatest Monarch.

She has served the whole Country and the Commonwealth unstintingly throughout her reign and the constancy and stability she has brought was the envy of the world. Her example of untiring duty and service over the last 70 years has been an example to us all. May she Rest in Peace.

Our heartfelt condolences to His Majesty King Charles III, the Queen Consort, and all the Royal Family at this, our saddest day.

God Save the King!

Princess Karen Cantrell


Royal Society of Saint George

California Branch


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