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Thousands of Journalists to Cover U.S.-DPRK Summit

New York: More than 2,500 journalists from across the world have gathered in Singapore to cover the historic summit between the leaders of the United States and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), which is scheduled for Tuesday. The three-story, 250,000 square foot (23,000 square meters) Formula One Pit Building has been transformed into a media center complete with broadcast center, workstations and media briefing rooms, among other facilities. The media center opened its doors Sunday morning, and it is expected to remain in operation until late Wednesday. S. Iswaran, the Singaporean Minister for Communications and Information, confirmed that adequate facilities have been prepared to ensure smooth reporting of the meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and DPRK's leader

Kim Jong Un. "We have, I think, about 2,000 work stations and about 50 odd booths where you can get live feeds, and also the locations for live cross facilities, and in terms of the Wi-Fi and the connectivity, these have all been important areas. So it's a very wide range of responsibilities involving, I would say, a very large number of public servants as well as those who are in the private sector who are contributing to this effort," said the minister. Iswaran said preparation work for the media center lasted about two weeks. "This is the largest international media contingent we have had in Singapore's history," said the minister. "Beyond that, it is about also the confidence that Singapore can overcome quite formidable odds in order to put together something that is important, in an efficient manner, in a quite tight time line," he added. President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un have arrived in Singapore for the summit scheduled for 09:00 Singapore time (0100 GMT) Tuesday at the Capella hotel on the resort island of Sentosa.

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