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General Dunford to Meet with President Moon of South Korea

President Moon Jae-in of Republic of Korea

Seoul (Aug 13th): U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford is scheduled to meet with S.Korea President Moon Jae-in tomorrow Monday and also to meet with the country top Generals and of course the issue is the threats promulgated by DPRK leader Kim, Jung-un and retaliated by President Donald Trump, which is driving the Korean Peninsula to the brinks of military confrontation. Seoul is only 35 miles from the border of North Korea and 1000 pieces of heavy artillery aimed at the city.

My personal observation is that there is anxiety but kept unspoken among the people. U.S. & South Korea military forces are to conduct joint military drilling, in a clear sign that the responsibility of the United States to defend its ally is strong and stands the test of times and the provocation of the young dictator.

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