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Vladmodels p2087 Yulya m065.mpg

External links Category:1965 births Category:Living people Category:Soviet film actresses Category:Russian film actresses Category:Russian television actresses Category:Russian television presenters Category:Actresses from Saint PetersburgQ: Can I use data-bind with different values? In jQuery, I can use data-bind values with $.data(): $('div').data('x',10); $('div').data('x',20); $('div').data('x',30); I understand why I can't use $.data() like this: Is there a way to specify a set of data-bind values? Something like: var dataBind = ['10', '20', '30'] $('div').dataBind(dataBind); I want to do this so that I can set the initial state of my divs on load: A: Don't do that. The main reason is that you are forcing the value to an array when it would be better to set it as a comma separated string. Second, the data-bind attribute accepts just one binding, so you'd be better off with a different data-bind-attribute for each value. Third, you cannot set the default value of an attribute. So even if you do what you have in mind, you won't get it working. If you have two or more values to bind, I suggest to use CSS classes: And if you have many values, a data-bind attribute will be more readable. You can also combine it: And if you are using the KnockoutJS MVVM library, you should probably do something like this:

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